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Company Marenčić Information Engineering and Consulting ltd. was established in 1995 with headquarters in Zagreb, with the aim of providing services for the development of specialized software solutions and business consulting.

In the period from its establishment until 2012, the company has carried out a number of projects for the development of specialized software solutions and business consulting for reputable businesses in banking sector PRIVREDNA BANKA ZAGREB, CROATIAN BANK FOR RESEARC AND DEVEOPMENT, CENTAR BANKA, insurance companies EUROHERC, LIBERTAS, HELIOS, SUNCE, ZAGREB, oil a gas business INA-ZAGREB, INA-NAFTAPLIN, INA-RAFINERIJA SISAK and government bodies and agencies MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, DORH, AZOP and many others.

Since 2005, the company focuses on executing projects for business design, supervision of ICT projects and business consulting. Based on the experience gained as well as expert knowledge of the enterprise architecture frameworks and relevant tools, we have created our enterprise architecture franchises.

Since 2012, the core business of the company is the assignment of our franchises to affiliated companies / our partners. Using our franchises they provide services to their clients for solving strategic business goals and realization of digital transformation end business optimization. 

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Our Expertise

We have expert knowledge of frameworks and software tools for designing, deploying and using enterprise architecture for solving the concrete business initiatives.

We have many years of experience in preparing and supervising of realization of complex IT projects.

We have successfully finished many projects for renowned Croatian companies.

Based on our expertise we have created franchises. We provide seminars and workshops for business architects enabling them use of our franchises.

We are outsourcing our franchises to affiliated companies for use, and if necessary participate as project implementation advisors.

Using our franchises our partners provide clients services for successful and high-quality targeting of strategic business goals and/or realization of digital transformation and business optimization.

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Contact Us

Company: Marenčić Information Engineering and Consulting ltd. Street: Bolnička cesta 101, Zip: 10090, City: ZAGREB, State CROATIA

Marijan Marenčić 

CEO & Business Architect

00385 95 812 3304

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Contact us and discover how our franchises reduce complexity, increase agility, minimize digital transformation risks and support cultural and technological change in your organization

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