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Enterprise Architecture Framework for Successful Realization of Enterprise Change in Digital Age

Get brief introduction to Enterprise Architecture Features and Value

Enterprise Architecture: Services
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Company Design and Construction

Enterprise architecture is an engineering disciplines and as a such it looks at the company as a unified whole, a "machine" that needs to be designed, and "constructed" for achieving desired outcomes.

Design process enables the transformation of a company that will deliver the best possible results utilizing the minimum resources.

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Mature Discipline and
Mature Software Tools

Discipline describes the theory and it is a framework that comprehensively covers the process from defining vision through design of business transformation and optimization till ICT solutions implementation.
In parallel with the discipline were developing software tools. Tools now enables agile design of enterprise architecture fully compliant with framework and related standards.


Created for the
Most Complex Tasks

The discipline is intended for design of the most complex and the most risky tasks. It also enables creation of the process for secure realization.  Tasks like how to merge multiple companies into a single one for efficient business execution or how to apply the latest ICT solutions and platforms for digital transformation end optimization are the targets that discipline is intendent for.

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Company Strategic
Goals Realization

Realization of strategic business goals such as: Raising Competitiveness, Fulfilling Customer Expectations, Enabling Efficiency and Reducing Costs, Raising Agility, Achieving Business Sustainability, and Other Goals, always require restructuring of a company, so architecture is the ideal tool for achieving them

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The Risk of Digital

Digital transformation of enterprise is a highly risky task. World statistics show that about 40% of cases end up completely unsuccessful.
Execution of digital transformation  by enterprise business architects using enterprise architecture as the framework represent the safest way for success and high quality realization.


Challenge of
Digital Age

Digital Age brings new ICT solutions and platforms and set up the challenge of theirs implementation in enterprises business.

The enterprise architecture is the only discipline that defines process for secure and successful implementation of new ICT solutions and represent the best toll for overcoming digital age challenge.

Enterprise Architecture: Projects

The Most Important Enterprise Architecture Values

Enterprise Architecture: Projects
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Secure and Fully Successful Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise architecture enables a secure and fully successful way for realization of the most complex transformation, like companies merge or execution of initiatives for appliance of the newest ICT solutions and platforms. It enables design of business transformation, but defines also the process for preparation, supervision and quality control of projects for the implementation of the designed model.


Business Design and Optimization

Business architects create a vision, design the future business model, define the company organization and optimize process execution by merging the new ICT solutions and processes into a homogeneous whole to achieve a high efficiency of business operations. At the phase of developing ICT solutions, they monitor the project and control the quality and compliance of solutions with the set requirements.

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Enterprise Design for Success in Digital Age

By successful implementation of designed Digital transformation model, enterprise create the all preconditions for achieving a highly competitive, long-term sustainable and profitable business in the Digital Age.

From implementing new business strategies to ultra-efficient work processes, ours francises for Business Design and Digital Transformation are ready to tackle any challenge and put enterprises on the path to success.

Enterprise Architecture: Text
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