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The Enterprise Architecture is Needed More Than Ever Before

We are living in the time which is characterized with fast change of information technology landscape. Proposed models of how to use new ICT services and solutions demand business model change and transformation. The gap between business and IT is highly rising up as never before. The complexity of new business model which include new IT solutions comes to level which is not possible to be successfully designed and managed without standardized approach.

Enterprise architecture as a discipline and framework is just what we need to solve above mentioned problems. It enables creation of business models based on new IT solutions and services. The framework and applied global standards enable to business architect creation of high quality models which will fully satisfy planed business goals. The framework also support design of business process for successful implementation of designed business models.

If we imagine a case that the Enterprise Architecture as the standards do not exist at all, I am sure that a task of implementation of new IT solution should fail every time. To conclude as it is obvious from short above explanation we need Enterprise Architecture more than ever before.

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