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Why to Build Company Enterprise Architecture Model?

Before taking any initiative for changing the enterprise we strongly suggest building of EAM Enterprise Architecture Model. Why is it so highly important? In the case when company has built EAM gains clear vision/insight in:

Why to take initiative and what will be the benefits for company.

What resource should be improved / transformed to gain initiative targets.

What exactly (process and ICT solutions) have to be changed/new implemented.

What are the risks and how to mitigate them.

Who has to be included and what role to take during realization.

Exact data for creating the plan for realization and implementation.

Plan/data for management and quality control during initiative realization,

Secure, successful and on time initiative realization.

Our franchise MING EAM enables to enterprise architects agile development design and implementation of company enterprise architecture model. Our expertise enables mentoring and coaching the team during building the model.

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